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About me

I am Néfur, I am a singer, composer and performer.

I grew up in a rural area of Catalonia (Spain) and I also lived in Barcelona, Paris, Rome and London. 

In the last 2 years I have been recording and singing with the natural sounds of Icelandic glaciers, Menorca’s wetlands and a variety of European forests, rivers and wildlife as well as composing, improvising and mixing live, and facilitating participatory workshops with these sounds to open the expression of the voice and the body in deep connection to nature and Mother Earth. 

In 2023 I started working with my sexual energy to create the life I desire, to cultivate radical self-love and to generate codes of celebration, abundance, joy and fulfillment within me. I worked with online mentors to build aligned routines, to share myself authentically on social media and on my podcast, to deepen my knowledge on feminine sexuality, spirituality, and astrology.

I have natural gifts for music through my ability to sing and to create immersive, evocative, ethereal and transcendent soundscapes and songs. I also have a natural gift for courage and for owning my uniqueness.

I am the first person in my lineage to speak foreign languages, to have lived abroad, to achieve a masters degree, to make a living as an artist. Maybe I am the first person in my country that has gone singing with Icelandic glaciers? That means none of this was really expected from me in my environment and even less with the extra challenges and family trauma I experienced in my teen years, but with courage and determination I got to do the things and live in the ways that make my heart smile, and I wish they make my ancestors smile as well.

In 2024, I feel very inspired to start guiding others into their creative power, their unique expression and the connection with their instinct, for our collective alignment with Mother Earth, the cycles of nature and the cycles of creation. 

I am super proud to start offering my first membership INSTINCT in two modalities: Mermaid Sound and Creative Power, spaces in which you will be held and soothed in my music world and activated, empowered and celebrated through my guidance and experience!


Mermaid Sound 

This membership includes:

Mermaid Sound Sessions

  • monthly sound healing / ambient / relaxing live music sessions on each New Moon. Each session will have a specific intention and body part attention according to the astrology of the New Moon. Sessions will be online via zoom. Each session will take the form of a solo performance mixing sounds of nature with live vocals, with the possibility of guests musicians joining too. 
  • during the session you will be invited to engage freely with the music in the ways that feel more appropriate to you and your instinct along the journey; it could be listening, meditating, moving, singing along, journaling or combining them all, from the comfort of your home. 
  • there will be a brief opening / welcoming to the space together and a brief closing with journal prompts that can be facilitated in several languages if needed. 
  • accessible to people speaking any language: music is a universal language!
  • audio will be recorded and available to subscribers until next session :) you can make the sound journey and go deeper as many times as you like within a month!
  • the sessions will be held on or after the New Moon within a 3 day window. It will also be available as a replay so if you are not available on the specific date this is not an issue!

Telegram group

  • For practical information about the sessions and follow ups
  • For the opportunity to share and connect within the group

This is for people who want to:

  • be able to fully relax and unwind during the evening
  • have deep, beautiful night sleeps 
  • feel grounded yet expanded with possibility
  • connect with trust and full presence
  • align with the cycles of nature, the seasons and the Moon
  • connect with their own instincts and desires in each Moon cycle
  • free their voice, body and mind in their own privacy

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Creative Power

This membership includes:

Mermaid Sound Sessions (as above)


Creative Power Sessions:

  •  monthly online participatory sessions to activate your creative empowerment and your full, authentic expression through opening and expanding your singing voice, your moving body and your sexual energy, aka your creative energy.
  • Each session will include a combination of activities such as intuitive singing, deep listening, dancing, intuitive movement, vocalisation, breath work, creative writing, rewriting of limiting beliefs, creative sharings and more.
  • These sessions will be held around the Full Moon of each month, within a 6 day window. Each session will take inspiration on the theme of the Full Moon of each month.
  • Available for you to practice on replay if you can not make the session on the day.


Creative Power Telegram Community:

  • online space in which you will receive private insights via audio, inspirational messages and/or journaling prompts and challenges every Monday. 
  • in this space you will also be able to share about yourself and your creative journey and connect with like-minded people
  • you will have a space to celebrate your wins and you will be held, supported and encouraged by the whole community

This is for people who want to:

  • take action and responsibility into living a fulfilling, creative life
  • find confidence and courage to make their creative projects, ideas or desires happen
  • align their creative process with the cycles of creation in nature, the seasons and the Moon
  • find freedom in the expression of their voice, body and mind in a collective, supportive setting
  • empower their sexual energy 
  • activate their intuition
  • transform their relationship with pleasure 
  • empower and balance their feminine energy

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